Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

February 19, 2008

President is satisfied with Dnipropetrovsk

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At the meeting with media after his visit to “Metalurg” stadium building sight in Dnipropetrovsk President Viktor Yushchenko has said that he is satisfied with a course of preparation to Euro 2012 in the city. President’s press office reports.

According to the President, he intends to invite UEFA president Michel Platini to visit Dnipropetrovsk so Mr. Platini could himself examine city’s level of preparedness to Euro 2012.

V. Yushchenko also positively valued overall state of affairs in Dnipropetrovsk regarding gearing up to Euro 2012 saying that the city has a clear cut plan of measures for all establishments. According to the President, this allows organizing work rapidly and effectively. Dnipropetrovsk, according to him, should become a positive example for all cities involved in Euro 2012.


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