Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

February 28, 2008

Concerns over Euro 2012 plans

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Uefa has warned Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine and Poland that they must speed up their preparations for the tournament.

Neither Ukraine nor Poland has hosted a major championship before, and Uefa president Michel Platini has stressed his growing concerns over their progress.

“We’ve had to wake them up a little and tell them it’s time to get going,” Platini told French radio France Info on Thursday.

“The 2012 Euro will still be held (there), but we’ve told them in the nicest possible way to speed things up a bit.”

Platini first warned the co-hosts back in January, highlighting the importance of the next six months.

“I have the distinct feeling that the next four to six months will be crucial in order to avoid any critical slippage in infrastructure projects and to protect the credibility of the Euro project,” he said.

However, Polish sports minister Miroslaw Drzewiecki has insisted that the necessary preparations will be ready in time.

“There is still a slight delay (with regards to the initial previsions) but we will be ready in time,” said Drzewiecki.

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