Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

March 28, 2008

Businessmen from 8 countries visit Ukraine vying for Euro-2012-related contracts

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Over the past several weeks alone, Ukraine was visited by representatives of private and state-owned companies from Belgium, Italy, Argentine, USA, China, Germany, France, Portugal and some other countries with experience in staging large sports competitions who were seeking contracts to help prepare Ukraine for Euro-2012 football tournament, an official at the presidential administration Yaroslav Demchenkov told ZIK March 27.
Specifically, the Spanish embassy in Ukraine will hold a forum of Ukrainian and Spanish businessmen on April 15 in Kyiv where Spanish companies will demonstrate their potential in the construction of sports facilities and related infrastructure. Businessmen will be able to discuss concrete joint projects in preparation for the Euro-2012 tournament. In total, 30 Spanish companies representing various economy sectors will take part in the forum.

Similar forums will be held with business representatives of other countries, Demchenkov said.

Ukraine is planning to spend $25 billion to prepare for the tournament. Of this amount, only 5.1 bn and 4.1 bn will come from local and central budget respectively. The rest of the funding is expected to come from private investors, the government hopes. That is why the cabinet has to urgently revise the tax system, filing of entities and licensing procedures.

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