Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 1, 2008

Euro 2012 Football Cup might fall prey to outdated construction documentation

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Outdated or indeterminate town-planning documentation is one of the key problems of scandals during the preparation to the Euro 2012 Football Cup in Ukraine, said the head of the Ukrainian Ministry for Regional Development and Construction Vasiliy Kuybida, while speaking at a new conference in Kiev today, on April 1, a REGNUM correspondent informs.

“The state budget envisages subsidies for development of Ukrainian cities, a small part of which can be allotted for detailed elaboration of town master plans,” he said. “But this is a sum of 5.5 bln hrivnya, which will not settle the problem. So, we addressed Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko and she gave an order to envisage 50 bln hrivnya during the revision of the state budget for 2008 to elaborate new town-planning documentation for cities hosting the Euro 2012.”

The minister informed he had personal meetings with directors of town-planning institutes and they promised “to complete elaboration of old and new plans by June.”

Kuybida noted that Ukraine’s joining the World Trade Organization and opening of trade frontiers would influence positively the construction market in Ukraine and foster preparation for the European Cup. “From now on our doors will be open for foreign construction companies. We addressed the European Union asking to render technical requirements for construction to us. Besides, we have revised the mechanism of registering the builders and the proceedings for licensing the construction process,” the minister informed.

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