Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 4, 2008

Lviv lagging behind on preparations for Euro-2012: nothing but layout mock-ups and loud declarations

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“As a person previously involved in running ministries and building plants, I can tell you that Lviv lags behind other cities in preparations for the Euro-2012 tournament. Mind, two reserve cities are breathing down Lviv’s neck. I appreciate the high pace of preparations in Kharkiv and Odesa (reserve cities). If Lviv authorities do not change their attitude toward the tournament, Lviv may fail its commitments,” head of the National Agency for Euro-2012 preparations Yevhen Chervonenko said, speaking live on Lviv television Apr. 3.
Commenting on the relationships between big business and power in Ukraine, he said: “Other than layout mock-ups and nice declarations, the Lviv authorities failed to produce concrete results, something that causes our grave concerns. I have big questions to the city authorities: why couldn’t they enlist local businesses in the first place? Euro-2012 will be over some day, but the authorities do not seem to want to jump at the chance to transform Lviv.”

In addition, Yevhen Chervonenko stressed that Euro-2012 will be 80% or even more funded with private investors’ money. Important, foreign investors are best attracted if they see that local investors are also in the game. It will give Ukraine a bad name if the tournament is funded only from the state budget. I can confirm now that Euro-2012 will be a success story because Ukrainian investors have trust in their government. Believe me, no one is pushing them to invest millions in stadiums and airports construction, the official said. That is why the existing stadiums in Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk have won top grades from UEFA, he went on. The same positive situation is in Kharkiv and Odesa. I am not involved in political games. Mayor Hurvits and Klimov cannot reach a consensus in Odesa, just as Mayor Sadovyj and Dyminsky in Lviv. Still, there is headway in Odesa. I will stand up by Lviv, of course, as it is my native city, but the final decision will be taken by cold-blooded guys in UEFA, he stressed.

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