Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 17, 2008

Poles pessimistic about Euro2012 preparations

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Though Poles are happy to be co-hosting Euro 2012 a majority think the country won‘t be ready in time.

Over 80 percent of the Poles are happy with the fact that EURO 2012 finals will be organised in Poland, a poll by PBS DGA pollster reveals.

Only seven percent of the respondents don’t want the event to take place on the Polish territory. Every tenth respondent didn’t have a fixed opinion on this matter.

The Poles are less optimistic when it comes to the Polish organisational skills. As many as 54 percent don’t believe that Poland will be ready with the preparations on time and 41 percent have doubts about it.

Over 30 percent of the Poles are afraid that Poland is likely to lose the right to host EURO 2012 finals. Sixty percent claim that there is no such risk.

The poll was conducted on April 15 on a representative group of 500. (jm)

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