Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 19, 2008

Euro 2012 preparations fine, claims government

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Treasury minister Aleksander Grad has voiced confidence that preparations for Euro 2012 are back on track.

For instance, though the southern city of Krakow has only half of the Wisla stadium ready for Euro 2012 – the other half is still waiting for renovation and extension – it is still doing fine compared to other cities that are to host the championships.

The stadium’s southern and northern stands are ready and by May the western and eastern parts are to be extended.

Also, training pitches are to be built at the Hutnik and Cracovia stadiums. The first one, with heated turf and lighting is to be ready a year before Euro 2012. The second one is to be finished by 2011.

After initial misgivings, UEFA has finally appreciated Krakow’s efforts. The city made it into the medium risk group of cities when it comes to the stage of preparations for Euro 2012.

Exactly a year ago UEFA had granted Poland and Ukraine the joint organization of the Old Continent’s football championships.

The treasury minister claimed that the government had increased the pace of preparations by introducing the necessary legal framework for financing of new stadiums.

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