Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

May 22, 2008

Lviv city authorities feet-dragging on Euro-2012 stadium construction

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To begin the stadium construction in Lviv, a design project is to be drawn up and submitted to Kyiv for evaluation. “We expect the evaluation will take less time and we can get the final permit to start construction by late summer, Andry Pavliv, director of city construction department at the Lviv city council, says.

According to A. Pavliv, the final version of the design project will be completed in late June. As the project costs more that 100,000 hryvnia, its design project must be examined by experts in Kyiv. This procedure will take up 30 to 45 days. Given this, Andry Pavliv is confident the stadium construction can be started in late summer, not in December, as some officials have stated.

Meanwhile, director of the Arnika company that is in charge of the design project jointly with Austria’s Albert Wimmer Design Bureau, says the construction will be started in December in line with the contract.

A tender to build a stadium in Lviv was won by Austria’s Alpina Co. However, the name of an investor is not yet known.

Comment by ZIK

May 21, Lviv council’s construction department approved the stadium design project.

May 20, head of Lviv council Euro-2012 department Oleh Zasadny said the stadium must be completed by June 2010. It takes 20 to 24 months to build such a stadium. We can start construction in November-December 2008, and it won’t be late. UEFA has nothing against such schedule.

Recall, in October 2007, Oleh Zasadny told ZIK the construction of the Euro-2012 stadium in Lviv may be started in March-April 2008. Simultaneously, Lviv Mayor Sadovyj confirmed in 2007 the construction will begin in the spring of 2008.

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