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May 29, 2008

Sejm to debate state of readiness to host Euro 2012

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On Friday the Sejm is to hold a debate concerning the state of preparations to host the 2012 European Football Championships

On Friday the Sejm is to hold a debate concerning the state of preparations to host the 2012 European Football Championships. According to the media this might be a heated discussion as the ruling coalition plans to brag about its successes while representatives of the opposition claim that nothing is being done.

“Sports Minister Miros?aw Drzewiecki will present a report on the preparations which contains everything that we sent to UEFA”, said the Sports Ministry spokesperson Ma?gorzata Pe?echaty.

Minister Drzewiecki will reveal information concerning the construction of stadiums, centers for the players, as well as roads, airports and hotels.

Poland will construct six stadiums, out of which the National Stadium will be fully financed by the state treasury, while the remaining five will be in 1/3 covered by state funds.

The construction of roads seems to be the biggest problem, with PM Donald Tusk announcing that a part of the highways might not be built as they could be replaced with express ways.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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