Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

May 30, 2008

Minister of sport on Euro 2012 preparations

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The Minister of Sport Miroslaw Drzewiecki informed that the modernization of stadiums in Krakow and Chorzow, southern Poland, will be partly financed from the state budget.

The minister reported to the MPs about the progress of preparations for Euro 2012, which is organized by Poland and Ukraine.

Chorzow and Krakow are alternative venues, that is the UEFA might decide to use the stadiums there if facilities in other cities co-organising the Euro are not up to scratch.

The minister announced that the modernization of the stadiums in Krakow and Chorzow will cost 140 mln zloty and 110 mln zloty respectively.

One of the problems before Euro 2012, informed the minister, are not enough hotel rooms for VIPs: Warsaw and Gdansk are each 300 rooms short in four- and five-star hotels, while Poznan is 1100 rooms short.

Drzewiecki reminded that by 2012, the government will build 900 km of high-ways and 2100 km of express roads; 1200 km of rail tracks will be modernized.

The minister stressed that the National Stadium that will be built in Warsaw is a top priority. He informed that the results of the tender for planning the surroundings of the future stadium will be known on Wednesday.

According to the minister, the modernization of stadiums in Krakow, Chorzow and Poznan are to be finished by the middle of 2010. The National Stadium in Warsaw is to be opened by the middle of 2011 and the rest of the Euro 2012 stadiums by the end of 2010. (mo)

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