Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 10, 2008

Dream back on as Wales offer to co-host Euro 2012

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SCOTLAND’S Euro 2012 dream was back on last night after Wales revealed they’d be willing to co-host the finals.

They have invited the Scots to discuss the idea of hosting the event as doubts persist over Poland and the Ukraine’s ability to do so.

SFA chief executive Gordon Smith plans to carry out a feasibility study if UEFA say they’re exploring alternative options once they’ve given Ukraine’s stadia suitability a rigorous examination.

And if the Scots can’t go it alone they could find an ally in the Welsh for a Celtic bid. WFA secretary David Collins said: “We’d be willing to discuss the prospect of co-hosting Euro 2012 should an approach from Scotland be forthcoming.

“We can’t comment on what’s happening with Poland and Ukraine but it’s something we could look at if an opportunity arises.

“Failing that we would be receptive to the idea of a joint bid for 2016.”

Scotland failed in a bold bid with Ireland to jointly host this summer’s finals.

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