Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 10, 2008

UEFA has not yet contacted Euro 2012 co-host Poland over arrests in Austria

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VIENNA, Austria: UEFA hasn’t spoken to 2012 European Championship co-host Poland over the fan arrests stemming from the team’s Euro 2008 match against Germany.

About 157 people were detained Sunday by police in the southern Austrian city of Klagenfurt, where Germany beat Poland 2-0 in Group B. A senior police official said 144 Germans, 10 Poles, two Austrians and one Slovenian were held, and that 140 of the arrests were for shouting Nazi-like slogans.

UEFA said Tuesday it hasn’t spoken to officials in Poland, which will co-host Euro 2012 with Ukraine, over the arrests.

“Obviously, there were some incidents there. We’ve not had any specific discussions with the Polish authorities about these incidents,” UEFA general secretary David Taylor said. “The security issues are matters for the local and national authorities in the country concerned. We, of course, have our own security advisers and officers that participate fully in the discussions, but it’s primarily a matter for the local and national authorities.”

There has been concern that the stadium construction in both Euro 2012 co-hosts is behind schedule, but Taylor said the focus will only turn to that tournament once Euro 2008 is over.

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