Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 12, 2008

No plans to hold Euro 2012 outside of Poland and Ukraine, UEFA says

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VIENNA, Austria — UEFA has no contingency plan for the 2012 European Championship if co-hosts Poland and Ukraine are unable to meet construction deadlines.

Ukrainian Football Federation vice-president Boris Voskresensky told Russian newspaper Sport Express that the company renovating the 80,000-seat Kyiv Olympic stadium is “incapable” of finishing the job on time due to a lack of necessary materials and resources.

UEFA spokesman William Gaillard said Thursday that president Michel Platini will lead a delegation after Euro 2008 and visit the co-hosts from July 1 to gauge the organizational progress.

“At this stage, we are not discussing any Plan B in terms of new countries,” Gaillard said. “There are alternative scenarios, there are proposed different cities within Poland and Ukraine – like Krakow and Odessa – which could host matches.

“We want to make some decisions by the summer on whether we need to construct a Plan B in Ukraine and Poland or outside (of those countries). Much of that will depend on what we find out in July. At this stage, we are still hopeful and optimistic that everything will be fine there.”

UEFA had already given Poland and Ukraine an ultimatum in January to work faster.

“In January, we gave them four to six months to fix things and give us a progress report,” Gaillard said. “At this point we are not more concerned than we were in January, but at the same time we are not less concerned.

“We don’t have a contingency plan, because once you look at a championship, normally this is where the competition goes. So we never allocated this championship with a thought in the back of our mind that we would have to reallocate it later on.”

Scotland has reportedly told UEFA it could step in and host the tournament.

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