Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 13, 2008

Poland, Germany to snatch Euro-2012 from Ukraine?

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Jerusalem’s The Maariv has a story about Germany’s and Poland’s unofficial proposals to UEFA to host the Euro-2012 finals if Ukraine fails to prepare for the tournament, LigaBusinessInform reports June 13.

According to the report, UEFA President Michel Platini is to pay an urgent visit to Ukraine to see if any headway has been made in the construction of stadiums, roads, hotels and other infrastructure.

June 12, Reuters disseminated a report saying Ukraine might lose its right to host the Euro2012- finals as even the reconstruction of the country’s main stadium in Kyiv has not been started.

At first, the Hochtief company, a world leader for building stadiums, was chosen in a tender. However, as a new minister for sports was named following the 2007 parliamentary elections, another tender was announced to reconstruct the Kyiv stadium, with Taiwan-based Archaisa Design group Ltd. becoming winner.

Meanwhile, UEFA experts who inspected the Kyiv stadium in May say that the modernization or the construction of a new stadium is impossible due to the lack of understanding on the part of the Ukrainian authorities of the project’s urgency and importance.

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  1. ValenciaFirst off I would like to say Congrats on all of the progress both of you have acceoplishmd. Alisa, you may not know me but Michael does. I work at APCO the Pelham Branch and I was so excited the first time Michael told me the GREAT news. He came in today and I told him that this will be my last week working at the Pelham branch and that’s when he gave me this blog address to read about yall’s wonderful journey. I’m sooo very happy he did that. Sooo, I can officially say that I have read all of the past blogs and I absolutely love reading about yall’s journey. God is AWESOME, and he sure did pick the perfect couple to do such an amazing work for God. Michael comes into the credit union and always tries to give me brief updates and by the looks of your blogs I can say that he would have to spend a whole workday with me just to tell me everything. HAHA I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know it has to be really really hard to leave your precious girl here but the rewards of all this would be greater than you can ever explain. You are doing great by trying to get a BOY room together because I couldn’t help you out in that department at all because I have 3 girls like yall. LOL I’m sure your doing an awesome job though. God has great things in store for yall and I know yall are anxious and nervous at the same time about yall trips and I’m so happy the the BIG DAY of traveling is around the corner. Please keep us updated as much as your can during your trip and would LOVE to see pictures. I wish yall many many blessings and I know your girls will miss your dearly, but are super excited about the wonderfil gift you all will be bringing back for a lifetime.Blessing,Valencia

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