Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 20, 2008

Poland and Ukraine one step closer to EURO 2012

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At a press briefing at the Olympic Centre in Warsaw, Polish Minister of Sports and Tourism Miros?aw Drzewiecki denied recent media allegations that Poland is looking for another partner to host EURO 2012. “Last year, on April 18, Poland and Ukraine won together the right to organize EURO 2012.

Neither me, nor anyone else in Poland is leading talks about changing our partner in organizing EURO 2012. This is a Polish-Ukrainian project and such it will remain” – Drzewiecki declared.
The press briefing was held on the occasion of the first official visit to Poland by Yehven Chervonenko, head of the Ukrainian National Agency for Euro 2012, after selecting the personnel of the Polish-Ukrainian team in charge of EURO 2102 preparations. During his last official visit to Ukraine last March, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was briefed on the progress of Ukraine’s efforts from his Ukrainian counterpart, Julia Tymoshchenko. Both sides signed a relevant agreement and are currently appointing ad hoc teams and their heads. During his stay in Warsaw Chervonenko held talks with representatives of the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the company PL-2012 which is taking care of the Polish effort on logistics and safety.
According to Chervonenko the preparations in Ukraine are processing according to schedule. Construction of only one stadium – in Kyiv – is ‘slightly’ delayed due to the necessity to follow legal dates and procedures – he said. Chervonenko announced that Ukraine’s budget for EURO 2012 amounts to USD 25 billion out of which USD 5 billion is to come from the budget and the remaining amount is to come from private investors and local authorities.

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